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28-Jul-2017 18:46

If you didn’t read it yet, it’s really quick and can be a good introduction to the event.This year was the 17th edition of the conference, which already had one Brazilian edition, but the main festival happens in the beautiful city of Barcelona.This talked reminded us that we need to put ourselves in contact with many different forms of art, learn from them and get inspired by the things they have to offer. Hope I didn’t get you overwhelmed with lots of information. All the subjects of the talks make us think and rethink our work, reflecting on how we can improve it. As communicators, the ability to tell stories is what validates the work we do.No matter the technique we apply, we need to make work that can impact people.

It’s a 3-part series covering each day of the conference We wrote an article last year about our experience of OFFF.If you are not familiar with graphic design we highly recommend reaching out to a designer to assist you or if you already have your design saved we can do the last few finishing touches at per hour (art in ‘good’ shape usually only takes 5-15 minutes to prep for print).